The Musical Genius of Haitian Artist Olivier Martelly

Olivier Martelly has a great deal of fun as a musician. Also known as “BigO”, he has millions of fans all over the world, and recognizes that he acts as a role model to many young people. As a success in his field, he has been able to give back to those who are less fortunate, especially in his community in Haiti.

hands hold heartHelping Out in the Community

Mr. Martelly is based out of Miami, though he travels and performs across North America and Europe. Since Haiti is not a rich country and he sees the trouble that people are in around the country after the big earthquake a few years ago, he decided to help out financially and by volunteering to repair the infrastructure.

In terms of the music industry in Haiti, he plays a role in improving the legal aspects, infrastructure, and management of musicians. He intends on being a leader in shaping where the industry goes in the next several years.

Style and Early Start

Olivier Martelly also is a music producer who creates Caribbean pop that has Haitian Kompa beats layered over it. His work is varied, and is considered to be a form of rap. This musician began making music at a very young age. He was influenced by his father, who went by the stage name of Sweet Micky.


Olivier Martelly chose to mentor some children and young adults in Haiti. He purchased musical instruments and assisted with enrolling many of them in musical school to learn how to sing and play various instruments. He has helped many of these students become great musicians. However, he realized that he could only do so much, and that is why he joined together with organizations that feature like-minded individuals to provide scholarships for brilliant students who are not able to afford education.

Another area of philanthropy that he focused on is providing poor Haitian areas with solar panels and boreholes. This has allowed people to have solar-powered energy and safe drinking water. Many individuals have this kind musician to thank for their improved livelihood.

Other Interests

There are several other pastimes that Olivier Martelly enjoys. For one, he likes going to the gym and taking care of his body, mind and soul. He has learned discipline and setting goals while taking part in karate, and also has played soccer. He also loves to spend time with his wife and children.